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Monday, May 17, 2010

GEM opener outing

Me, Dave, and Casey, got out with some kids for opener on waconia lake. The walleyes were not revealing their secrets, so we switched to crappie and sunfish to get action. They were biting pretty good on the weed edges on gulp minnows and leeches. There were lots of small fish, but enough keepers in the mix too. Also we had a couple of big fish on, but they got away without us seeing them.

Casey and co...

Nice 'gill

not too big, but had a big appetite

More fishing action

Nice "crappie" haha

After a while, the kids in casey's boat wanted to try for pike, so they trolled a while with chatter baits, and Ryan hooked and got this lunker in for the photo and release! great work!

Dave got a monster too haha

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