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Saturday, July 11, 2009

My week at GEM camp 7/6-10

I got to spend a week up fishing with the GEM kids. fishing was great, lots of bass, crappies, rockbass, and pike were willing to make a kids day! Most of the fish were caught on plastic worms, tubes, and flukes, some kids tried some live bait but soon found plastics worked even better. We had some pretty rowdy kids this week, Dave did a great job keeping order so i could get down to the business of getting kids on the best bite. Mitch came and helped out too when dave had to leave a day early, thank you Mitch!!!!

on with the pics!

Rileys first pike!

packing dinner to eat out on the lake

taking some time for singing praise songs. we also got to watch a video called God of Wonders, that showed how we could see the Glory of God in creation, very cool!

Some free time for fun and games

Tommy gets a good largemouth

kisha was just jigging for sunfish over the side of the boat, I was watching when the big bass came from under the boat and ate the plastic crappie minnow she was using! I told her to lift the rod and hold on! the battle was successful!

Darius gets a huge stump! I think he also caught more fish than all the other campers combines! way to get em!

As I said, the campers seemed a little wilder than usual, mabye it was the moooooon?

fishin on the pontoon

Nice gill girl!

crappie action

How big is it? I want to win that pop!

Devon boats a slab

I think the kids liked running the motorboat more than the fishing, they were always begging me to let them !

fun sized!

first pike!

fish fry time

that fish disappeared before I could get the camera out!

three men and a pike

We like to catch, photo, and release, all the nice fish for other kids to enjoy, we keep some smaller fish for our fish fry though

I thank the Lord for getting to be at fishing camp for the week!


Esox Fever said...

Great fishing philosophy, and nice work teaching the kids to love, respect and enjoy fishing in a sustainable way.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................